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Do you need transportation?


The best way to get to and from the airport, when traveling and especially, as a Lumos student, is to hire the shuttle service. In addition to being practical and efficient, it is often cheaper than a Taxi. Thinking about making your life easier, and at the same time making our travel packages even more complete, LUMOS TRIP also offers the TRANSFER service with a bilingual driver, and with the best price guaranteed.

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Do you need a room?


Homestay, also called in English “homestay” or “host family” is a term that means, in literal translation, “host family”. Living with a local family in the country is an extremely enriching experience, in addition to being able to chat and share meals in a foreign language every day, you will be able to observe the routine of the people who live in that country. LUMOS TRIP can assist you in finding a family as a home stay, if you wish. However, LUMOS TRIP is not responsible for any issues and / or problems arising from your accommodation. It is entirely up to you, that responsibility. As you can imagine, entering the home of people with different customs and well-defined routines requires some punctual care.

For this reason, below we present 5 essential tips for you to have an excellent relationship with your host family – and, more than staying in the home of foreigners – have the opportunity to make true friends for the rest of your life.

- Research the country’s cultural habits before traveling.

- Open your mindset to new experiences.

- Communicate openly (and cordially!).

- Be responsible for the area you occupy in the home.

- Remember: proactive attitudes are always appreciated!